This is a business community for Minipreneurs and Multipreneurs.

If you either want help to develop a business plan, or just want help to become a professional, modern IT service provider and consultant (with our backing), then this is the place to be. Use your login to access the site if you have obtained one already.

If you do not have a login already, use the contact form here to get in touch with us. There are several ways of becoming a member, based on various efforts.


Minipreneur: a small entrepreneur focusing on starting own business without needing investors. Multipreneur: serial-minipreneur; one that starts more than one small business, and thus would benefit from tools, services, methods and best-practises to both limit the time needed to do the same administrative tasks again for each startup, and to ease administering (and delegating) tasks in more than one business. MOMOC: "Master-Of-My-Own-C...". (Ref. )

Welcome to our community, Minipreneurs and Multipreneurs :-)

Member area.

Only open for consulting clients at the moment (you need a user account to log in here).

In this first startup-year you get a full year of access to my time in the forums, and can ask questions and have online meetings in "consulting style" manner, as long as you accept that the documentation is either updated or created "as we speak", This means it moves a little slower than normal consulting, but that is what you need to accept to get a whole YEAR of access with lots of free consulting/advice for such a cheap price.

In order to get an account, either use the contact form, or buy a membership directly.

We help people become IT consultants, IT entrepreneurs ("Minipreneurs"/"Multipreneurs") to start businesses, either backed by our ready-made reseller/affiliate-friendly services, or also developing new services that perhaps only will be sold by the person in question, from her or his own web site.

We also teach people to plan not only their business but also their communication, networking tools and their own (community) web site. Anyone can choose to run their own on their own, or co-administered by us, or reside within our community here and recruit clients among our user base...

We are in the process of establishing a global organisation and recruiting partners and resellers around the globe, in particular in Scandinavian-, English- and Spanish-speaking regions (Spain + Americas). (Spanish and Catalan documentation pages will be gradually introduced in various groups and forums during 2015, although the main bulk of documentation will often first be made/finished in English, then translated to local languages by local communities. Due to the technical challenges of multi-lingual configuration - especially during updates and system customization, we will enable such collaboration and revision features last, after the main structure is implemented. Some selected static pages will receive language versions before that, though.).

Looking forward to getting to know you!